Ninja TEEN Academy

Take your athlete to the next level with our Teens training program that incorporates training to benefit all other sports!


Invest in your youths growth

Ninja Teen Academy is for ages 12-16. Our small groups goal is to maximize confidence, strength and growth mentally and physically. Your teens don't have to be a athlete to train like one. With the goal to educate and work alongside other dedicated individuals under a coaches supervision.  Learn new skills like parkour, obstacles and weight lifting all with proper form and technique. 

Is this program right for your teen?

We have worked with over hundreds of kids just like yours. To develop self confidence, strength, grit, sheer determination. So when they are faced with life uncertainties, they can feel prepared and reinforced in their ability to handle the issue. You teen will progress through levels which will build strength, and endurance. 

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We currently only have one class with open availability in our Teen Program
Class is every Wednesday at 7pm