Why our Kids Program is one your kids will LOVE?

Ninja Ranks with levels 1-6 to challenge and keep your kid engaged to reach the next level! Ninja Obstacles, rock climbing and parkour skills. All classes keep a 1:8 ratio to ensure your kid gets the attention they need to succeed.

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A Program like no other

We are looking for kid students who are ready to commit. 
Commit to themselves, commit to their goals, commit to a program that challenges their mind, body and spirit. 

We are passionate people who work everyday to push the youth of albuquerque towards their goals. Toward being the shining light of hope that will grow this city to its next tier of success. 

The reason why we are looking for committed students, is because we believe that the best way to improve our city, and neighborhood is by assisting in guiding children towards hard work, learning from their mistakes, and using their failures to fuel their successes.

Give your kid the chance to get into something that could become a lifelong passion, keeping them in shape, teaching them life lessons. 

Programming build for success

Looking for a place that has..
Encouraging, passionate coaches that are invested in your kids success. Small classes for personal attention, no more waiting in lines or getting lost in a sea of kids. A program that will allow them to work at their own pace, learn new skills and keep them motivated to crush their next goal. Ninja Kid Academy provides a personal approach to allow us to impact each kid in our community at the highest level. 

Class space is limited as our program is almost full.

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